Welcome Ladies

Please do not share this link - this link is just for models.


If you can see this page it is because you answered an ad, or where given a card at a local event.  We trust you will keep this link to yourself.

You Caught are an eye, that's why you received this link. Donna, Crystal or my self (Bill) thought you would be a good candid for our project.

You had that look,  We want to do a shoot!

 The images we capture with you will be used for web publishing inside of a private social media site for old car guys.

Please take a minute and browse around to see what we are doing and why we are doing it.


A few things you need to know.

We are a very small group.

After you have read all this. At the bottom of the page will be several links.  you can read and see more by following the different links.

Now should you agree to model...

We shoot with old cars, bikes, old machinery, 4x4 trucks and quads

Some of the items are finished and clean, some are rusted and old.  Now with that said. Please know this is not glamour photography. we do sexy old school shoots and classy nude photos.  all photos are in a teasingly manner. .

I take the type of photo's men want to see.  sexy ladies with machinery.  We want everyday girls with everyday stuff men enjoy or use.

We will never ask you to do something you are uncomfortable doing!

As you will see, this is about mechanical men and men that build cars.  If your into cars we might have even more work for you.

We do three types of photo shoots:

Classy:  using different outfits and shoes, we shoot only teasingly hot shots.

Scantily clad: same as above but with outfits that show more.  photos on the edge of nudity and teasing

Nude: these are same as above as well but with tits and ass being shown. Now with that said. We are not about porn at all.   We do not ask you to spread eagle or to touch your self.

Our pay scale varies:

For beginners, we pay $50.00 a hr. plus some travel expenses. If you do partial nudes or full nudes  it 75.00

For ladies with experience we pay $75.00 an hr. plus some travel expenses. If you do partial or complete nudes, we pay $100.00 an hr.

We are always willing to negotiate fees depending on the situation and the model. We have paid up to 500.00 for one shoot.  If your of that caliber of lady and or have above average looks.  LETS TALK!!!

again let me say " WE DO NOT REQUIRE NUDE"

We have even worked with girls that want to share the sexy bodies, and not use there faces.

A shoot usually takes about 4 to 5 hrs with real shoot time of 3 hrs.

We might ask for a smaller shoot time to see how we work together.

Now one of the biggest things we have learned, after a few years of reading men's comments and watching what's going on today.  Men are very tired of models, all glam and fake looking girls.  They want to see real women,  not perfect bodies.  In order for men to enjoy these pictures,  it seams they have to be of women they could see themselves going out with not run way models.  So don't fear if your not perfect.  If there things you want to hide I understand. The camera can do that and I wll always help you to hide what bothers you.

I don't want perfect.

You will need to work with Donna and or Crystal before and after the shoot. Crystal is here to set up the shoot and help with outfits.  she is also here for both our protection. She witnesses everything that goes on and will be at every shoot.

We will need you to agree on the following:

You will also have to sign a model photo release form for the pics we take each day.
Everything we do together will be in a written agreement, to protect us both.
We also ask that when we share information with you, you keep it between us. You will be required to sign a copyright and non-disclosure agreement.

If you are traveling more then an hour,  we will discuss and agree upfront on a traveling fee.

I will be glad to share up to five images with you.  If you want more then that, we must set up WFP agreement. (work for prints)

I do most of my shoots around my farm located near Smyrna, DE.

This is where I have plenty of privacy and several cool backgrounds to set for the cars or bikes.

We also do shoots at barns and other local areas in the middle Delaware area

We have many new outfits. We are also willing to hear any ideas you might have for outfits.  We have some boots and heels.

The shoots usually take about three hours.

If you're a big hit,  we might ask for a second shoot.

For the ladies that responded to a ad on Craigslist

Sorry for the run around, we try to weed out the spam and wanta bes.

If you like everything you have read and want to work with us

please email  hrbprod@yahoo.com

Send one full body shot in underwear or bikini not looking for nudes.  We just want to see the face and body, so we are clear on who we are hiring.  Some of you might have already e mailed us at the above address.

If you have thank you. We look forward to working with you soon.

Lets face it ladies, we are all here to make money. We are all just trying to make some extra money to have better things in our life!!!
Also please know this, we tell you all this so when you get here you are comfortable with this and we have fun, laugh and smile!! It makes for a way better shoot.
There is several ways to make money doing what you love.
You can simple show off your body for us with a car and bike and  get paid for the shoot.
Centerfold (complete nudes) make more.
We are also looking for site helpers.
content posters any way you think you could help our site. we want to hear your thoughts.


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