About HRB Productions

Allow me to introduce the photographer for this site. His name is bill, he is known as hotrodbill.

Bill ran a professional muscle car restoration house for over 25 yrs. and has been a professional photographer for almost the same amount of time. He studied photography in high school.

He loves to photograph old muscle cars, hot rods and beautiful women.

He started a website called motorheadmen.com for the men and women of the net who enjoy life and old school USA.  You know the USA before all this politically correct crap came into play. He just wanted a place where car lovers and mechanics can have fun, post pictures and interact with each other with out being censored and or kicked off. He built a special social media site just for motoheadmen and is currently starting u tube and Instagram channels.

At this time we are not a big outfit. but we are growing in size every day.  we have about 3000 loyal followers right now and growing bigger everyday.

Bill tries to find different locations and different set ups to try and keep the photos as fresh as possible.

Bill's passions in life are old muscle cars and photography

He is dedicated to get the hottest and best shots possible with ladies and cars, bikes or machinery. He is always on the hunt for the next website centerfold.