Welcome Ladies

If you are viewing this page it's either because you caught our eye, you answered an ad, or you received our business card at an event.  We ask that you do not share this link with anyone, this link is intended for models only.

We think that YOU have what it takes to be a model, so please take a moment to browse around to see what we do and what we will be looking for.  If you agree to a photo shoot, the images we capture will be used for web publishing.  You will have a choice in what photo's we use for the site.

IF, you agree to a photo shoot, here's some of the things you need to know:

  • We shoot with old cars, bikes, old machinery, 4x4 trucks and quads
  • Some of the items are finished and clean, some are rusted and old
  • We do not use photo shop to edit photo's, the men of this site want to see real women. They would rather see a woman in her natural skin next to machinery, than a woman wearing 5 pounds of airbrush and makeup.
  • This site is about mechanical men and men that build cars, if you are into cars this would be a perfect opportunity for you.
  • A model release form will need to be signed for the photo's taken that day. This is a written agreement that protects us both.
  • You can take up to 5 images of your liking, if you would like to choose more we could do so by setting up a WFP agreement (work for prints)
  • A copyright and non-disclosure agreement is required to be signed the day of photo shoot , we ask that any information shared during shoot is not shared with anyone outside the shoot.
  • Shoots can take anywhere up to 3 hours or more
  • We suggest bringing a few outfits to change into, we like to switch up to have more than one look during our shoots. (We do have some outfits on site you are more than welcome to use.)
  • Shoots are done in Townsend, DE (if you are not comfortable with this location please let us know up front so we can set up arrangements you would be more comfortable with)
  • We do not DISCRIMINATE against anyone. We welcome all body types.
  • The shoot is strictly PROFESSIONAL!!

We have 3 types of shoots:

  • Classy: using different outfits and shoes, we shoot only teasingly hot photos.
  • Scantily clad: same as above, but with outfits that show a little more skin. On edge of nudity and teasing.
  • Classy nude: teasingly nudes shoots. (This is not a requirement) Mostly tits and ass shots.  We are not a porn site we are not going to ask you to touch yourself or to spread eagle.

Now let's get to the part you are really curious about, the money.  Our pay scale varies depending on experience and what type of photos you agree to shoot.  For models traveling long distance (over 1 hour), we will be paying you for travel expenses apart from your photo shoot.

  • Pay Scale:
  • Beginners: (no experience) $50 per hour for shots that do not contain nudity-                                   $75 per hour for shots containing nudity
  • Novice (some experience) $75 per hour for shots that do not contain nudity
  • $100 per hour for shots containing partial/full nudity
  • Expert (experienced) Per hour rates will be discussed and negotiated prior

to photo shoot.

I cannot stress to you enough that nudity is NOT a REQUIREMENT at the photo shoot.   You will make more money if you do nudes,  but it is not required!!!   You shoot what you are comfortable with shooting and hey, make yourself some cash while you are at it.  Just be natural, relax and have some fun with it.

Now, about the site that you are posing for.  It's just a small group of men who enjoy two things, CARS AND WOMEN!  Not the dolled up women on TV, real women!! WOMEN LIKE YOU!!  If interested, go to www.hotrodbabez.com to get an idea of the site and what it is that we are doing.  This is a paid site where men and women can see local ladies and natural every day women.  We post a new set of images every month.  If you are a big hit, we may call you to do some more shoots.  Possibly, may even call you for a center fold or cover model shoot, which have higher pay outs.

After reading this page and visiting the link above if you are still interested in modeling please email us at hrbprod@yahoo.com.  If you are more comfortable speaking with a female you can contact my photo coordinator, Crystal, at her email hrbabezphotography@gmail.com   

We can then talk on the phone and set up the shoot.

We put these pages together to help you ladies feel more comfortable with who your working with.  this is real, no games and no bullshit

We look forward to working with you!

We are all here to make some cash, so are you in or what?

Model links

All the following links are to help new models feel more at ease and comfortable about a shoot with us. Its important to feel safe and understand our goals.

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